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[Acceptat] WTF!?
Ban Information 
Name: bjaka 
Reason: cod 
Unban Time: Permanent Ban 
Admin Name: TOTO^RIINA 
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1998438644

cod? wtf... You a normal, i think hospital cry about you... What ban? You would have written at least one word to me! My god, how people like you have rights to admin?
(This post was last modified: 30-11-2018, 01:39 by Barba Neagra.)
Vazund ca am schimbat pc ul maine pun demom.... stiti cum e daca nu am voie sa cer wg dau ban cu demo maine dimineata osa il pun si vefem Wink
[Image: e18nUGl.jpg]
Is it possible in English? I am under the table Smile)))
you google translate copy and paste English Romanian
Bai pai nu am demo hai cu inca un worn pro unban
[Image: e18nUGl.jpg]
Toto, o fortezi din ambitie...aiurea…
+1 warn pt ca nu ai demo
Iar la reason se pune codul de care este suspect !! Aici nu dau warn...

bjaka, please update your ip and your steamid so I can unban you
and next time you remain with ban if you continue with that language like in the initial post
(This post was last modified: 28-11-2018, 23:47 by Barba Neagra.)
[Image: 0h1WBau.png]
[Image: giphy.gif]
If you think that such an attitude of the administration towards the players is normal, then I would rather be banned!
I do not think that, but I also think that you should not speak like in your first post
Now I know that some admin unbaned your ip… if your steamid is still banned, please post it here
If you can enter the server, please post here so I can close the thread
[Image: 0h1WBau.png]
[Image: giphy.gif]
Yes i can enter to server, Barba Neagra you can close thread.
[Image: 0h1WBau.png]
[Image: giphy.gif]

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