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[Respins] unban aJeeeestee AGAIN
ok guys... this is ridiculous .... you made SS of me 10 times... now this guy is asking me to do something i dont even know wtf is... I ask him a question he dont reply... i came back to game he ban me from srvr....

Ban Information 
Name: aJeeeestee 
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1896621509 
Reason: no.wg 
Unban Time: Permanent Ban 
Admin Name: !Afg! 
Admin SteamID: STEAM_0:1:21772

i had a different nick (Takeshi_Kovach) while he was asking for this WG (whatever it is)... i dont have that... i tell him that my nick is aJeeeestee, i change it back, and ask him is it ok... he dont reply, just ban... do you want somebody who knows how to play on server or this guys just ban whoever is making a little better score????
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If you have been asked for a test wg these test should make it look you do this counter strike test on another server after which the link the link you made and post it here
[Image: wkTKScZ.gif]
[Image: 16779973_1316722131717837_425496175_n.gif]

[Image: 2aSCak1.gif]

can you explain me why should i do it?
now i need to go to work, i enter CS 45minutes-90minutes a day to blow some steam off... i dont want to waste my time downloading something from the internet and testing it... now i am leaving for work,... you are admins, you should know how cheat looks like.... when you are not sure, you go to spec, you watch the guy and if you are still not sure you record a demo, and ask fellow admins to take a look at it... plus you have an option to make SS! i play this game since 1999... and i have headphones, so that can be the only thing that can make me a little better then the rest... and believe me that i am not that good as there are some people that you cant understand how are they so good and why you cant hit them not even with one bullet before the give you headshot...
That test is used on our server. Is scans your game to see if there are any cheats. There are many of them, including wall activated and deactivated by button, silent aim, even cheats on radar. Maybe you use one of them, maybe you don't. It is your job to prove that. It is not so hard to download that test and do it. You just have to be connected on the server while you do that. Now, because you had no idea about the test, you can enter another server and run the test. But it is also your job to present pics or a wg test every time an admin asks you. Nobody can know if you put something strange in your game after some admin checked you.
Hope is clear now.
[Image: 0h1WBau.png]
[Image: giphy.gif]
Are you going to post something or I can reject this unban request ??
[Image: 0h1WBau.png]
[Image: giphy.gif]
ramai cu ban

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