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[Inchis] [Portofoliu] #KinG
[Image: A3fEHnm.jpg]  [Image: 39mAzh4.gif]  [Image: Nvnc8u0.jpg]  [Image: 3uSOPr1.gif]  [Image: xOiZvhI.jpg]  [Image: 3gxAIxl.jpg]

[Image: QxRxpUv.jpg]  [Image: d02vlLY.jpg]  [Image: UDo3qyX.gif]
(This post was last modified: 11-11-2018, 12:40 by Kriminalu.)
Sunt curios de unde vine Tearz ca cunosc pe unul cu numele asta :}
Ce treaba ai tu cu treaba mea, treaba mea,
De ce nu-ti vezi de treaba ta, treaba ta,
Tu fa ce vrei, dar lasa-ma in lumea mea!
Bag un blunt, m-am prajit m-am spart ey,
Bag un xanny si ma rupe la ficat ey!
Posteaza cateva cu nick-ul tau, te rog.....
[Image: wkTKScZ.gif]
[Image: 16779973_1316722131717837_425496175_n.gif]

[Image: 2aSCak1.gif]


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